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Welcome to our Site. This site contains links to things important to the Voss family, including the history of the Voss and Foss families.

This has been been prepared by Chris Voss based on researches by himeslf, Michael Voss and input by CharlesVoss and Arthur Foss

The Voss and Foss Family History

The Voss family were living in Latvia in the late 18th century. They were Jewish and German speaking. The family originally came from Aizpute (the Latvian name, Hasenepoth being the German name), a small town near Liepaja (Libau in German) in Courland (Latvia was then in two parts, Courland and Lettland), then part of the Russian Empire. Baedeker (1914) describes Hasenpoth as a town of 3,500 inhabitants, picturesquely situated on the Tebber with a ruined castle of the Teutonic Knights (still there according to Michael Voss who visited it in about 1991) and a bishop's castle, parts of the church walls date back from the 15 th century. A photo in one of the family albums may be of farms outside the town (but there is no written evidence of this).The Jews in Latvia came initially from the east - after 1648 many Jews settled here after fleeing the Cossack hordes of Borden Khmelnitsky, who conducted massacres in the southern regions of Volhynia and Podolia (the Ukraine). Many also came from Poland,Prussia and Lithuania. Later the main settlement came from Germany. Aizpute was one of the ealiest towns with Jewish settlement, and the first synagogue in Courland was built there in 1708. There are a number of mentions of Voss/Foss families in Latvian records on the web, aIn the 19th century, all of these came from Aizpute, but by 1907, there were a number living in Riga. For further information on Courland and Aizpute/Hasenpoth, and the local Jewish history, see the Courland Research Group

For the history of Latvia click here, for tourist information, click here

The family hstory on this site starts with the early family history, and then follows two paths:

Sigismund Voss, his wife -Wally von Rode - and her relatives, and the Voss family - his childen and descendants. Sacha Foss and his wife, Maud, and the Foss family - his children and descendants. Click on he appropriate button on the left.


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